Local Demographics

I live in a rural part of Indiana. Sometimes I’m frustrated by the lack of progressive values and the lack of growth opportunities. For example, I live on a certified organic vegetable farm. I would love to sell my things here, but it would be hard to sell enough here to make it financially viable.

Today I was trolling around through census data, looking for interesting bits of contrast. For reference, I live in Clinton County. We sell most of our produce in Hamilton County.

Here’s the total population.

The distribution of ages is different. For example, rural counties tend to be older.

My household has two adults with bachelor’s degrees, which is not as common here as in our customers’ area.

The median income is different. Also, I think it’s interesting that there are relatively more people who are on disability.

It’s kind of interesting that the foreign born populations of Clinton and Hamilton counties are similar, though the immigrants come from different places.

This mostly isn’t that surprising. For example, affluent suburbs tend to be younger, have more education, and have higher per capita incomes than rural areas. I was suprised, however, how many more residents of my county are Hispanic or Latino.