Pippi Longstocking FTW

They said … that some nice people in the town were arranging for her to get into a children’s home.

“I already have a place in a children’s home,” said Pippi.

“What?” asked one of the policemen. “Has it been arranged already then? What children’s home?”

“This one,” said Pippi haughtily. “I am a child and this is my home: therefore it is a children’s home, and I have room enough here, plenty of room.”

“Dear child,” said the polliceman, smiling. “you don’t understand. You must get into a real children’s home and have someone look after you.”

“Is one allowed to bring horses to your children’s home?” asked Pippi.

“No, of course not,” said the policeman.

“That’s what I thought,” said Pippi sadly. “Well, what about monkeys?”

“Of course not. You ought to realize that.”

“Well then,” said Pippi, ‘you’ll have to get kids for your children’s home somwhere else. I certainly don’t intend to move there.”